The Anti-Planner: How to Get Sh*t Done When You Don’t Feel Like It

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Do you know what you need to do, but struggle to get yourself to do it? Get bored easily? Abandon every planner you’ve ever tried? Beat yourself up a lot? Yeah. Me too.

The Anti-Planner is an activity book specifically designed to help procrastinators:
  • Try unique, entertaining ways of completing tasks
  • Untangle emotions that make it hard to get sh*t done
  • Smash through productivity roadblocks
  • 300+ full-color pages (with over 100 activities)


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No boring, repetitive spreads. No calendars or dates. No stupid, cliché advice. No guilt. No empty pages.

No way to fail, even if you tried.

*Mockup only. Product may vary slightly, but shouldn’t change much because I love it.


The Anti-Planner teaches you how to:

  • Light a fire under your own butt
  • Make boring tasks suck less
  • Use inconsistency to your advantage
  • Avoid overwhelm + burnout
  • Give perfectionism the middle finger
  • Make decisions faster
  • Set goals you’ll actually stick to
  • Stop getting distracted by screens
  • Function when sh*t hits the fan
  • Say no to people + ask for help
  • Re-ignite lost motivation
  • Stop beating yourself up

Exercises include:


Challenges, worksheets, step-by-step techniques


Illustrations and infographics to help explain how our brains work


How-to guides, tips, actionable advice from pros


Fill-in-the-blanks, personal pump-ups, journaling, and self-exploration exercises


Dice, cards, paper football, unique takes on classics


Helpful apps, websites, books, podcasts, quotes, and much more!

*Mockup only. Product may vary slightly, but shouldn’t change much because I love it.

Learn to deal with all the feelz:


  • Having difficulty starting
  • Indecisive
  • Perfectionistic
  • Distracted


  • Intimidated
  • Over-committed
  • Panicking
  • Burnt-out


  • Lacking accountability
  • Waiting to “feel” like it
  • Disinterested
  • Uninspired


  • Messy
  • Having difficulty prioritizing


  • Hopeless
  • Insecure

(+ Extras)

  • Bonus pages
  • Duplicate copies


The Anti-Planner book product image*Mockup only. Product may vary slightly, but shouldn’t change much because I love it.


Additional details:

  • 7.25 in x 9.5 in
  • Vegan leather hardcover with gold foil stamping and rounded edges (classy AF)
  • 300+ full-color pages (with over 100 activities)
  • Colored section tabs for easy navigation
  • Wire-o spiral binding (because let’s be honest, trying to hold a softcover book open and write on the pages is super-annoying)
  • Elastic cover band attached
  • Pen loop
  • Belly band
  • Shrink-wrapped

You may feel like you’ve tried it all. But I promise… you’ve never tried anything quite like this.


Book Questions

When will I get my book?

Ignore any shipping dates printed on the email confirmation, but shipping pre-orders will begin in November 2022.

Will there be a digital edition?

Hopefully! Right now, I’m focused on getting the print edition out, but I’d like to have a digital version available in the future.

Is the Anti-Planner suitable for children?

There’s likely going to be a kid-friendly student version eventually, but this one is designed with adults in mind and has some cussing throughout. That said, there are plenty of activities you might want to share with children!

I don't have ADHD, will this book be helpful for me?

The Anti-Planner was designed for anyone who struggles with procrastination and executive dysfunction, which often includes people in the neurodiverse community. However, the activities and strategies are useful for ANYONE feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unmotivated, disorganized, or discouraged.

I'm left handed! Will this book work for me?

Spiral binding means that you can lay the book flat, and I’ve also added exercises in this book on both sides of the spirals, so it is equally comfy for everyone regardless of which you hand you prefer!


Do you ship to my country?

Yes! The Anti-Planner ships worldwide.

My book is supposed to be discounted as $43 but Paypal is charging me more!

Paypal is including the flat rate shipping cost ($10.99 for US, $14.99 for most other countries) in the checkout summary. Most 1-book totals will come to around $57 USD after tax.

Can I change my address after I place a pre-order?

Yes! If you already have an account, you can log in to your account on this website and update it yourself there, or just contact me and I’ll do it for you, no problem!

I ordered something (mug/poster/etc) from Dani's store plus The Anti-Planner, but wasn't able to purchase them together. Can they be shipped together?

Unfortunately not! Pre-orders cannot be purchased nor shipped together at this time. I’m working on a solution to this, but for now it’s not possible. ☹️


I want to add another book to my order..

Unfortunately, after a pre-order has been paid for, the item quantity cannot be adjusted. However, feel free to place a separate order!


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