My name’s Dani Donovan, and I create cathartic illustrations and a community of validation and solidarity for adults with ADHD.

I believe that those with ADHD deserve to understand themselves and be understood by those around them.

I use painfully honest, personal stories to illustrate my struggles, experiences, feelings, and shame in order to expose the invisible workings of my brain.

Oh, and I make webcomics.

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Loving support from wonderful humans like you is the reason I was able to leave my full-time job and commit to making ADHD content full-time!


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ADHD can be difficult to explain, and even harder to talk about. We’re creative, friendly, and misunderstood by a lot of people. There can be a lot of guilt and shame weighing on our shoulders, and we often feel we have to bear the burden alone. My hope is to create an online environment where people with ADHD can feel understood and seen, and be able to share their experiences with others.


I grew up loving comics like Calvin & Hobbes, because they gave me an outlet of relating to an internal world that others didn’t seem to understand. Now that I’m older, I want to be able to give that same feeling to other people, especially within the mental health community. When I first discovered mental health content online, I would literally start tearing up (even at things that weren’t sad!) because I’d never felt so heard, seen, or understood.

I want everybody out there to be able to share a laugh, an internet hug, a bit of empathy, and a sigh of relief that they’re not alone in this.