ADHD comics can explain our struggles when words fail us.

The world needs people with ADHD who:
  • stand up, amplify our voices, and humanize our struggles
  • believe our insights and stories have the power to transform the world
  • want to make a difference in the self-worth of struggling children and adults
  • lead and champion the movement of neurodiversity
  • envision a future where we’re loved for who we are, not chastised for who we’re not

I’m doing my best to help reduce stigma through my ADHD comics. Check out the artwork or shop!

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I've been using your comics/images as props to explain ADHD to my family, they're so useful and spot-on!


I'm having trouble just trying to put this into words, the troubles I had, but... these comics really help. And you'd better believe my friends and family are gonna be annoyed that I spam all of these at them. I feel broken every day and this can help them see why.


There are many of us that are thankful for your tweets and see them as a true reflection of the turmoil within us.


I don't have ADHD, but I love seeing your work so I can better understand and support the people in my life who do.